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Shoreside Shenanigans - Otterpaw - 07-28-2021

[Backdated to before the blizzard.]

It was a wonderful day for a patrol! Well...not really, but it certainly felt that way to Otterpaw as she scrabbled up onto a tall-ish rock to gaze out at the foggy surface of the Lake. It was still early enough in the season that the lake’s temperature had yet to catch up with the surrounding air, rendering the water-facing verges of EmberClan territory noticeably warmer than the rest. There were even the scents of prey, wintering in little nooks and crannies among the rocks. Overall, the young apprentice found this area funner and far more pleasant than the stinky Silverpath or the southern border where she had to ignore the allure of the looming (living!) trees on the other side.

The short-legged molly had expressed her excitement and present good humor by being an absolute menace. The minute they’d reached the rocky area of their territory, she’d begun bounding dramatically from rock to rock and sticking her nose in any interesting hole and crack she spotted. She’d nearly slipped a few times already, and she’d almost gotten herself stuck in a hole chasing a stray pika...but at least her paw-work was improving as she started adapting to the unsteady terrain!

Hey, why’s it so much warmer here than it is near the FireClan border?” Otterpaw asked no cat in particular, giving voice to what must have been the twentieth question she’d asked since they left camp.

RE: Shoreside Shenanigans - Emberstar - 07-28-2021

Emberstar trailed a bit behind the energetic Apprentice, whom she was beginning to regret taking on. Had she known that this onslaught of questions was hidden in that half-sized body, Emberstar wouldn't have bothered. "It is warmer here for that the water, flowing from the Divide, is warmer. This heats the rock, and so it is warmer here," She replied to the open question, watching the small cat jump from rock to rock. Honestly, Emberstar partially felt inclined to join in; she'd not seen such energy since she herself had been young, and that is saying something.


Thick tail twitching before Emberstar lowered herself to the ground in a crouching, hunting position, pressing herself as flat to the ground between the cracks and differences in rock-height of the Crags, selecting a position between two raised rocks, where the Leader would hopefully be hidden from sight from the Apprentice. Once she'd pressed herself to the ground, Emberstar began attempting to sneak up on young Otterpaw as she bounced between the rocks, intending to approach from the side of the crags proper and the water below - the intent being to surprise the Apprentice and hopefully to teach her a valuable lesson in watching her surroundings.

"She speaks."
"She thinks."

RE: Shoreside Shenanigans - Otterpaw - 07-30-2021

Otterpaw was only lucky enough to turn her head soon after Emberstar ducked out of sight, her mouth half open to ask what was probably an inane follow-up question. She froze mid-step, her head tilting to the side slightly as she realized the other molly wasn’t where she’d expected her to be. Ears flicked back slightly, she squinted her eyes and scoured the surrounding rockscape in hopes of catching a tell-tale splash of ginger fur. When her initial search found nothing, the short apprentice made an exaggerated sound of frustration in her throat.

How could such a large cat just…disappear? Emberstar wasn’t even rock colored for StarClan’s sake.

Unaware of exactly what was happening, she still had the sense to find this turn of events suspect. She unconsciously noted there was no smell of blood, and a predator taking a large adult cat would at least make noise. Her dark fur fluffed up as she quickly came to the conclusion that this was either a trick or something bad had happened with great haste.

Emberstar?” She called, not bothering to hide the suspicion in her voice even a little.