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lost world - Palefern - 07-12-2021

Ice and snow and ice and snow and ice and snow and white. An endless expanse of cold greeted Palefern as she gazed onto what was supposed to be EmberClan's territory. The Silverpath was around here somewhere, most likely covered by the thick blanket of snow that had fallen the night before. If EmberClan had ever had bushes or grass before, it was gone now, lost to the blinding world that lay before her now.

She was supposed to be patrolling the territory, scouting out for hidden dens or surviving winter herbs. It all felt hopeless now. This leaf-bare produced nothing but a wasteland.

RE: lost world - Ravenwing - 07-13-2021

Ravenwing had followed along with Palefern. They weren’t particularly warm, yet they also weren’t particularly cold due to how much fluff they had on their small body. Of course it didn’t help that they were as short as they were. Practically chest high in snow. “Hm…i don’t see any save-able herbs nearby.” They murmured quietly as they wandered the area around them, Spiderflight, and Palefern.

RE: lost world - Spiderflight - 07-14-2021

Spiderflight's half-crushed spirits fell even further as she came to the same conclusion. "It's like the whole world has just been blown away," she whispered. Even so, in such snow-mute, her voice seemed to boom in her own throat and head.

She kept in Palefern's line of sight out of habit, but she could hardly sense the warriors around her. Despair threatened Spiderflight from every side; she'd spent days wondering how EmberClan could possibly survive the leaf-bare moons. Now they were well and truly here. Was every leaf-bare this cold and stormy? The one she remembered wasn't great, but she'd had the comfort and protection of pine trees, always hiding sleepy creatures to hunt.

Here, it was just bleak. EmberClan was already struggling in the sun-quake-stripped land. Now their home was all just a dead, white blob, with nothing to shield them from piercing, icy claws.

A thought escaped Spiderflight unintentionally as a quiet wail:
"What are we going to do?"

RE: lost world - Palefern - 07-17-2021

"Have survived leaf-bare before. Snow will pass." Palefern meowed, though her optimistic tone sounded fake even to her own ears. FireClan had seemed to keep the same warmth of it's namesake through out the colder seasons and though cats in their old clan weren't particularly kind or understanding, there had always been prey to eat and warriors to snuggle up to. Now the warriors of EmberClan were running themselves ragged trying to find scraps of meat to feed the clan and were practically falling asleep on the paws.

Palefern pressed herself close to Ravenwing, grateful for their friend's fluffier coat.

"Want keep look or turn back?" With no prey in sight and no herbs to save, there was little reason to stay out in the storm freezing their tails off.

RE: lost world - Ravenwing - 07-17-2021

The midwalker looked over as soon as they felt pressure on their side. Only to see Palefern leaning on them and into their fur. “I…i uh…I guess we should go back.. i’m not finding a single herb or remnant of one.” They murmured, trying to stay as still as possible as not to bother their lovely friend. A small blush struck the black and white face of the temporary medicine cat. “W..what do you think Spide..Spiderflight?” They asled the third member of the patrol group. Figuring she should have a say as well.

RE: lost world - Spiderflight - 07-17-2021

Spiderflight flattened her ears at the thought of returning to camp empty-jawed. Emberstar was unlikely to punish her warriors for simply not finding what wasn't there, but Spiderflight hated letting her Clan down.

It was cold, though. Really cold. And it wasn't worth endangering her friends' lives just for a tiny hope of something in this white wasteland. Spiderflight's mind was already made up.

"We should head back," she agreed, reluctantly. "But not directly. It's a long walk there, and my toes are already numb. We should find somewhere to rest and warm up before we go home."

She squinted, scanning the icy landscape for something that could serve as a temporary den. She didn't find anything too promising on the way to camp, but...

Her gaze turned, to the Silverpath on her left, and then beyond it. There were trees a short distance away, and shadows that promised shelter. And maybe prey, if we're incredibly lucky. Now wasn't the time to hunt, but when you were constantly hungry, food was never not on the brain.

"There," Spiderflight mewed, nodding in the direction of the pines just past the Silverpath. "We can find a sheltered spot in those, and once we're warmed up, we can follow the treeline at the FireClan border down as close to camp as we can. Yeah?"

She gave her companions a questioning glance. The trees were outside EmberClan territory, but only by a few monster-lengths. Even with Ravenwing there, Spiderflight felt the cold stalking her like a great white fox. Frostbite must be worse than braving the unknown for a little while. Wasn't it?

RE: lost world - Palefern - 07-17-2021

"Good idea." Was Palefern's simple reply. She hoped that the brutal weather had deterred any FireClan warriors from venturing too close to the border. As harsh as this storm was, it would be nothing compared to the unfeeling claws of their stubborn, fiery ex-clanmates.

The she-cat flattened her long ears against her skull and pressed forward, praying that the tree-line held nothing but a soft hollow to snuggle into.

(exit to fire-ember border)