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The Duties of the Loyal - Ravenwing - 05-30-2021

Ravenwing was quietly pacing to themselves by the entrance to Emberstar’s den. Aka, the leader’s den. They were finally willing to ask the question of becoming the clans first ever initiated medicine cat apprentice. But they were really nervous still. Again, it’s Emberstar that they’ll be talking to, she was a great cat and all but she kinda scared them. Not because she was scary and rude. Mainly just cause she was intimidating, to Ravenwing at the least. “I hope she says yes...” they muttered, continuing to pace.

RE: The Duties of the Loyal - Emberstar - 05-31-2021

"You have been pacing for a while, Ravenwing." Emberstar observed calmly as she approached, padding in from the camp entrance. Thickly-furred tail flicking from side to side behind her, the chimeric molly offered the Warrior a long stare with her two-toned eyes, looking curiously at the black-furred molly, trying to gauge exactly what was the matter without explicitly asking for it.

"If she's so jittery, it must be something important," Emberstar mused mentally, folding her tail around her paws, obscuring them from sight behind a wall of orange-black fur. Waiting calmly for an answer, the Leader seemed perfectly comfortable with any silence that may be occurring - her own emotions hidden expertly behind a well-manufactured mask (for now, anyways).

-Rolling for Perception-

"She speaks."
"She thinks."

RE: The Duties of the Loyal - Ravenwing - 05-31-2021

As soon as Emberstar spoke Ravenwing straightened and froze. “I..i’m sorry.” They meowed with a nervous and quiet chuckle. They looked down after having relaxed, not having expected the leader to show up so quickly. “I..i have a question..for you.” They meowed in their usual quiet and somber voice. They took some mental breaths. Ravenwing had this, blush to them. A bit of an embarrassed blush, yet one of admiration(if that makes any sense) towards the leader. They sat down on their tail, as it had been swaying on the ground quickly, it was dirty enough as it was.

RE: The Duties of the Loyal - Emberstar - 06-02-2021

"Then come," Declared the Leader, heading up the slight incline to the entrance to her den, before heading down the small tunnel that leads to a chamber inside the edge of the infamous Fire Mountain. The short tunnel descended downwards before opening up into a cavern large enough for a few cats to comfortably stand side-by-side; at least six tail-lengths across.

Ravenwing's eyes - had they followed - would need to get used to the shift in clarity through light, before they found themselves in the Leader's Den. The cavern walls were rocky but comfortable. It was ever so slightly warmer within, evidence of the mountain into which it was set. Settling herself onto the nest in the corner - in the other, the bones of a long-since eaten vole were present - Emberstar gazed almost distantly at the Warrior as her tail folded around her paws, the Leader waiting patiently for an answer. Her figure dominated the room with its dappled black-orange coat, the shifting of her tail creating flame-like patterns in the low light of the den. Her heterochromatic eyes rested on the Warrior before a single word was uttered in her soft but authoritative voice: "So?"

"She speaks."
"She thinks."

RE: The Duties of the Loyal - Ravenwing - 06-02-2021

Ravenwing had indeed quietly followed the leader into her den. They looked around the den, this being their first time in it and all. Before sitting down whenever Emberstar had. As she said in front of the molly leader they took a deep breath. “I..I...i wanted to ask if..if I could become a medicine cat apprentice.” They meowed in a nervous stutter. They hadn’t directly looked at the leader, either in fear of her gaze, or due to just plain nervousness. Their own large bushy, stick and leaf filled tail curled around their paws. They somewhat buried their face in it, still able to hear the leader.

RE: The Duties of the Loyal - Emberstar - 06-11-2021

Emberstar gazed down at the small cat before her, multicoloured eyes examining the black-white molly. Her ears flicked briefly from side to side before flattening - rising just as quickly as it'd come as a memory flashed through Emberstar's mind. "You cannot be a medicine cat apprentice," The Leader noted, her gaze narrowing. "You have already earned your Warrior name; you would be medicine cat in full." Settling, the Leader allowed a brief silence to fall, before...

"You have experience?" She asked calmly, allowing her eyes to blink once, to indicate to Ravenwing that the Leader meant no harm, despite her large stature and fire-like coat. "For we will need someone to fill in for Poppydawn until she is returned to us." A sour note of bitterness was present in her voice, the Leader beginning to automatically try to knead the volcanic rock beneath her paws. "Or... Replace her fully, if worst comes to worst..."

"She speaks."
"She thinks."

RE: The Duties of the Loyal - Ravenwing - 06-12-2021

”I..i have some yes..I i would go in and help with herbs during my apprenticeship and still go and collect some every now and then.” The small molly meowed to Emberstar, allowing herself to let go of any nervousness or such that she was withholding. “I know a bit of the basic when it comes to healing, scrapes, cuts, thorns, anything smaller i know how to deal with and I understand a bit of the herbs.” She concluded to the leader. Hoping it was enough, even if it wasn’t she hoped it at least swayed her opinion. “Again..sorry to bother you with this..”

RE: The Duties of the Loyal - Emberstar - 06-30-2021

Emberstar frowned at the molly, her tail flicking from side to side at Ravenwing's last words. "Grow a spine. Stop apologising," She said, brusquely, allowing her penetrating chromatic gaze to stare deep into the smaller cat. While she did not speak aggressively--or at least not intentionally so--the Emberclan Leader briefly indulged her lack of patience. "Shouldn't have said that. But then, if there's one cat we can't have be spineless, it's the Medicine Cat," She thought a moment too late. "Starclan, I'm already making preparations to replace Poppy. I'm sorry, sister..." A visible change came over the Leader as she realised this: her ears seemed to droop ever so faintly.

"Very well. You will be interim Medicine Cat, Ravenwing. Do not disappoint," Emberclan meowed after a moment of silence, having made her decision. "Although when we rescue Poppydawn--and we will--" She said this mostly to keep her own spirits up. "--your position will be forfeit unless she says otherwise. Am I clear?"

"She speaks."
"She thinks."

RE: The Duties of the Loyal - Ravenwing - 07-01-2021

Ravenwing gave a fast nod, almost throwing themselves down with the nod. “S..sorry! I mean.. sor..i’ll do my best Emberstar.” They meowed with a more, sophisticated, relaxed bow of the head. The midwalker stood up and took a few deep breaths. ‘I hope Poppydawn doesn’t make me quit when she gets back…i would love to keep learning..’ Ravenwing thought as she began to leave Emberstar’s den. “Thank y-sorry! Ah sorry! I mean- thank you. So much Emberstar!” They meowed before finally and quietly leaving the leaders den, and her leader to her own devices.