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A New Day - Sparkflight - 04-06-2021

Sparkflight lounged underneath a beam of warm sunlight. It warmed her pelt and made her temporarily forget about her ashy surroundings. It had been nearly five moons since the sun-quake and the lands still hadn't recovered all that much. Somehow, though, Emberclan had managed to survive here. It was much different than Fireclan. Everyone was much more open-minded and welcoming, Sparkflight certainly felt like she belonged more here than in the other clan. She had struggled before to view her clan as family like her mother told her, but now that she was surrounded by cats she felt more in-tune with, she found it easy. While her kits may struggle more here than they would've in the more lush and green areas of Fireclan, Sparkflight is happy they wanted to come along. This would be a better home for them overall, she knew it. She would make sure of it.

Brought out of her thoughts by a cloud covering the sun, Sparkflight rose to her paws. She took a long, relaxing stretch before sitting and wrapping her tail around her legs. She observed her clanmates, wondering what each was up to. Taking a long look around, she would try to spot one of her kits, if they weren't out doing apprentice duties that is. They were so old now, Sparkflight could barely believe it. So close to becoming warrior, yet still kits in her heart. She was proud of them all.

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RE: A New Day - Kestrelpaw - 04-16-2021

Kestrelpaw knew it was only a matter of time before she became a warrior, but she was still the same old spitfire. And dammit, she'd stay that way! Being a warrior wasn't gonna bar her from being the shithead she was always meant to be. If anything, it meant that she could actually do more! She wouldn't need to have anyone accompanying her to the border anymore -- not that she was above just sneaking out there on her own anyways. Fuck the rules.

Looking up at the sky with squinted violet eyes, the calico apprentice noted a cloud blotting out the sun. She flicked an ear and lazily looked around camp before spotting a familiar tortie. Doing what she did best, she tried to stay out of her mother's sight as she rolled in a patch of dust and soot in an effort to hide her scent. Attempting to move to be roughly five fox-lengths behind Sparkflight, she would then try to close the gap somewhat, still a few tail-lengths behind her.

She wanted to spook her mother and see how long it took her to notice her, but her own plans conspired against her as some of the dust wafted towards her face. She scrunched her nose, but it was all in vain as she let out a sneeze. Foxshit! she inwardly cursed. Dammit, that hadn't gone as planned.

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RE: A New Day - Sparkflight - 04-20-2021

Sparkflight had spotted the small calico quickly. She was going to say "hi" before she realized Kestrelpaw was trying to sneak around her. The she-cat happily let her kit try to spook her, waiting patiently for her to find the right moment. Spark continued to look around the clan, giving off no warning that she was aware of the apprentice. She was ready to jump in fright, but she heard a small sneeze behind her. Giving off a chuckle, the tortie turned to face her kit. "Hello darling, how are you today?" She asked with a warm smile on her face.

"You're going to be a warrior soon. I can hardly believe it!" Sparkflight spoke, as she flicked her ear. Turning, she looked up at they sky. "Time passes by so quickly. I remember when you were just a tiny kit nestled at my belly." After a moment, she turned back to the young apprentice with a soft smile. She loved Kestrelpaw to death, and part of her was worried about her becoming a warrior. The apprentice already had such a spit-fire personality, there was no doubt she would get herself into trouble without supervision. Still, Kestrel deserved to become a warrior just like all the others, and she was proud of her small kit.

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